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Travel Hints & Tips


There are a different kind of accommodations somebody can choose of
Hostel – this is an effective way to get to know other travelers and find new companions. There are a variety of rooms: mixed dorms, female dorms, male dorms and private rooms. Please do not think that this is the cheapest accommodation because it is not always correct.


In the last years, I have started to rent local people properties. This option gives you as well a variety of various kind of accommodation: an entire flat, single room, private room etc. I have opted almost every time for a room because I do love the opportunity to talk to people from other countries. I do think that only in this way you can really gain insight into their life’s


This comes handy if you are running out of money because you work 4/6hours (the kind of work depends obviously from property to property) in exchange for free accommodation and food (food is not always free – it depends from property to property). 

Accommodations range from farms, backpacker hostels, lodges, horse stables, sailing boats and much more. Obviously, this means that you need more time to visit around but if f.e. you are on a gap year I reckon that this option might come handy especially because one membership allows you to do it in different countries around the world. Please be aware that there are two ways to register. One is for free but the only thing that you can do is adding a description of yourself and you need to wait till the hosts contact you. The second one is called Premier membership which costs €20 for two years – this gives you the chance to search all the properties that are in the area where you want to go and get in contact with them.


This comes handy if you are running out of money because you work 4/6hours (the kind of work depends obviously from property to property) in exchange for free accommodation and food (food is not always free – it depends from property to property).

WWOOFING means Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms is a bit different from Helpx. You will have to decide in which country you want to do it, there is no international membership card and you will need to apply for a membership for each country you are going to visit


The backpack choice is something very important especially if you plan to move a lot from place to place. It took me a bit to choose mine but at the end I found a backpack with a full- length zip whips. This allows you to open your main compartment, so you can see and reach everything without having to take all your stuff out. I do suggest you buy a foldable bag where it fits inside for three reasons: the first one is that some countries do the backpack as a special luggage and therefore you need to do the check in first (as usual) but then you need to go to the special luggage sections of the airport which means two queues. If you put it in a bag it becomes a “usual” luggage and you won´t have these problems. The second reason is that this allows you to use a locker – something that you can´t do on a backpack and third you can still keep your shoes/dirty cloth outside of your bag – for example you can fix them at the backpack with a carabiner (without having to wear them /put them in your backpack along with the dirty cloth )

Credit Cards & Bancomat

I do suggest you do bring an extra one with you – it can always happen that the credit card stops working or that the Bancomat does not get recognized in an atm (this is something that happens to me every time). Please do check your limits as well – each card has daily/monthly cash withdrawals limits and monthly credit card limits – there is nothing worse than being stuck somewhere without access to your funds.


Do always bring a copy of your documents with you and send it to your mail address as well

How to decide where to go

Well to decide there are a few questions you need to answer
When do I want to go? What do I want to see (wildlife/nature/cities etc.)? How many days can I take off? Do I want an adventure holiday, or do I just want to relax? How much budget do I have? Once you have replied to these questions you are ready to start organizing your trip


Insurance – I do personally use world Nomads which I find very simple to use – fill in the 4 empty spaces below and you will get a quote – how simple is that?

I do suggest buying a tiny dictionary if you are travelling to a foreign country. Not everybody does speak English and sometimes people that do simply do not want to speak English. It is important to be able to communicate with people especially if you are travelling on your own and apart from that I do personally think that it is important to be able to understand what is written on the streets, train stations, bus stations etc. I do personally find it really annoying not to understand anything and I do even think that if you are travelling to a foreign country it is you who must adjust yourself to that country and not vice versa. Trying to learn their language/trying to communicate with them in their language is in my opinion a good start.

Traveling on your own or with somebody

Well this is a complex question. I have been travelling a lot on my own and I must admit that I loved it. First, it is the best way to get to know yourself, your limits and to push yourself over your limits. Besides that, you are the one who decides what to do/where to go/how long to stay etc. Apart from that while travelling alone you are more open to meet new people. Of course, sometimes you will reach the point in which you do feel alone and ask yourself why the hell have I decided to come here on my own?? But this won´t last long and soon enough you will be laughing again
On the other hand, travelling with somebody means that if something doesn´t go the way you thought it would go there is somebody you can rely on and that can help you finding a solution. Finding a travel companion is not that simple – first because every one of us has different interests therefore you might have to compromise second if you are tired etc. it is very common that you start fighting for the most stupid things. Therefore, if you want to travel with somebody I do suggest you that you find a person that you know very well and that has things in common with you.


There are standard vaccinations and countries for which special vaccinations are needed. I have found a reliable website http://www.fitfortravel.nhs.uk.
This website is very simple to use because you just need to enter the country you are going to visit to see what needs to be done


I have found this website https://www.visahq.com/ which allows you to enter the country that you want to visit, your country of birth and your country of residence telling you if you need a visa and even for how long you can stay in that country with a tourist visa

What to pack

PACK LIGHT. I do suggest trying to pack cloths which are a bit older – this allows you to wash them in every laundry/washing machine without having to worry on how they will come out. What I normally do is putting all the stuff I do not use anymore in a box ready for my next trip. This allows you even to buy some nice t-shirt or hoodie etc. leaving the old stuff behind without having to worry about having enough space in your backpack. Now I probably should start telling you all the medicine you should bring with you, but the truth is that I never bring anything with me. I do almost never use medicine therefore I never bring them with me. The only thing I do bring are plaster which are always helpful if you must walk a lot and maybe you are not so use to it.
Obviously, there are a few things which I always need to bring with me- things which I can probably define my companions which you will find below
Camera, USB charger (extra one as well), suitcase scale https://amzn.to/3bIHhCK, airplane headphone adaptor & headphones, carabiner (extra strong once https://amzn.to/35cnZ6q or normal once https://amzn.to/2KOdSep , Power Bank https://amzn.to/2Sktr1T, Lock, extra memory cards, phone, foldable backpack and bags, underwater camera, notes on each place I am going to, Pen, Music, waterproof bag https://amzn.to/3aNn3Xp, Notebook, water bottle,  Lock,  Head Flashlight https://amzn.to/2Sh8FQB

Netflix/Prime Video

Due to the fact that in order to save some money I do always book flights with stopovers – mostly with long but not too long stopovers (which means that there is not enough time to get out of the airport to visit the town) I do always download some new staff on my Netflix/Prime Video App – having something to watch in these cases or in case that your plane is delay is something very comfy…especially if you travel by your own

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